Samsung America

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Samsung C&T America, Inc. (SCTA), is a global trading and investment company that functions as an independent American subsidiary of the Korean conglomerate Samsung C&T Corporation, one of the Samsung Group companies. SCTA is divided into three modes of operation: international commodities trading, product marketing and distribution, and new business development. In trade, SCTA specializes in a variety of commodities such as chemicals and steel. SCTA's strength lies in its expertise in dealing with foreign markets. Sharing Samsung C&T Corp.'s international network spanning 82 offices in 55 countries, SCTA is able to operate both as a major trading intermediary and as a conduit for an immense volume of information. In 2009, SCTA’s total revenue was $388 million.

In addition, SCTA’s Fashion & Textile Division markets and distributes a wide array of textile, apparel and footwear products. With SCTA's clout in the worldwide market, SCTA shares with its customers its purchasing and distribution savings, along with its knowledge of products and brand building. To see a complete list of SCTA's products, please visit our Business Profile pages.

In addition, SCTA works endlessly towards developing and identifying diverse investment opportunities.  In addition, SCTA continually reviews the competitive position of its current products and portfolio companies to further enhance and broaden an existing product line or a company's position in the marketplace. Recent fields of interest have included electronic industry and renewable energy development.

SCTA's ability to flourish and innovate in the face of change has led to many risks and successes. Today, in order to maintain its competitive advantage over its competitors, and to better serve its customers in this ever-changing electronically connected world, Samsung C&T America continues its efforts locally in North and South America, globally across overseas markets, and digitally in cyberspace.